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The official video for Zain Bhikha’s track Cotton Candy Sky Cotton
Candy Sky, the much anticipated sequel to Allah Made Everything, is a playful and light-hearted song that can be enjoyed by young and old. It takes us on an enchantingly descriptive journey through nature and colour, whilst highlighting the importance of trust, love and gratitude.
We, as human beings need to realise that as much as we try, we will never be in control of everything, instead we need to place our trust and reliance in Allah the Almighty and be consciously aware of the fact that He is in control of everything, and at the end everything falls perfectly into place according to His perfect plan.



The official Cotton Candy Sky video featuring Omar Regan conveys these exact sentiments, telling the story of a teacher taking his kids on camp. Initially he is hell-bent on being in control but later on learns an invaluable lesson taught to him by the kids themselves. Omar initially sees the world around him with his preconceived notions of fear and distrust, however later he is able to appreciate the very same surroundings through the unfiltered eyes of a child. Kids are naturally born on the fitra (natural disposition) and have an inborn awareness of Allah and placing our trust in Him. Ultimately this song aims to bring about that very awareness in both our children, and ourselves.

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